Monday, November 22, 2010

God Providing (Again)

With each approval comes more requirements. This week we owe $4,000 to our adoption agency. We had $2,000 set aside in our adoption fund. If you do the math, that leaves $2,000 we didn't have yet. On Saturday, Alsbury Baptist Church hosted a yard sale to raise funds for our adoption. Once again, God provided what we needed plus a little more. Between the yard sale and donations, $2,188.65 was raised. I'm convinced that God keeps providing a little more than we need so we are constantly reminded that we are to help others with their adoptions. To the friends and family who helped with the yard sale, know that God used your generosity to meet our immediate need. During this week set aside for giving thanks, we thank God for each of you. We can't begin to thank God enough for his provision, not only for Katie's adoption, but for every one of our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Praise God in all things.

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