Friday, December 17, 2010

Manger - Check!

We're nesting. Last weekend I went into the attic and located Bryan's old crib, worked it awkwardly down the ladder and put it into Katie's room. The only thing I was missing was the instructions for putting it back together. I went to my office at church to google the model number so I could print off some directions. That's when I learned that the crib had been recalled. There was a warning saying to stop using the crib immediately. There was no fix available. "Just great," I thought, "another unexpected expense." A couple of weeks ago I had ordered some new cribs for the church nursery. We needed a fourth for the Mothers' Day Out program and the ones we had were pretty worn down. This morning I was putting one of those cribs together when some ladies from the Bible study Brenda leads came in with a brand new crib as a Christmas gift for Brenda. Over 2,000 years ago God provided a bed for Jesus in an unusual way. Now he has done the same for Katie.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Another Approval

We received our I-800A approval last night. Our I-800 was sent out this morning. We're looking at two weeks' wait for that paperwork. Bryan received approval from his school to travel with us yesterday. Things are moving along. Please continue to pray for us as we prepare to bring Katie home!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Clutter For Katie

Today an Alsbury small group led by the Tim and Jenifer Newton held a garage sale at church to help us bring Katie home. Once again, we're blown away by God's provision. We praise God for the incredible blessings he has given us through our church family. Garages are a little emptier so our home can be a little fuller. Thank you to everyone who has allowed God to work through them to help us go to China and bring Katie Joy home to Texas!