Friday, December 17, 2010

Manger - Check!

We're nesting. Last weekend I went into the attic and located Bryan's old crib, worked it awkwardly down the ladder and put it into Katie's room. The only thing I was missing was the instructions for putting it back together. I went to my office at church to google the model number so I could print off some directions. That's when I learned that the crib had been recalled. There was a warning saying to stop using the crib immediately. There was no fix available. "Just great," I thought, "another unexpected expense." A couple of weeks ago I had ordered some new cribs for the church nursery. We needed a fourth for the Mothers' Day Out program and the ones we had were pretty worn down. This morning I was putting one of those cribs together when some ladies from the Bible study Brenda leads came in with a brand new crib as a Christmas gift for Brenda. Over 2,000 years ago God provided a bed for Jesus in an unusual way. Now he has done the same for Katie.

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