Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Day, Another Facilitator


We started the day learning that we were being handed over to our fourth facilitator. We expected to have one in each city, but God has doubled our opportunity to build close relationships. Flexibility is the word of the trip. We were happy to get a negative result from Katie's TB test. Praise God! We went with our new guide (Becky) to the Chen Clan Temple. It used to serve as a school for that family's children, but now serves as a museum. The artistic carvings in stone, brick and wood was impressive, but the bone and ivory carvings were amazing! The skill and technique involved show incredible patience, artistic delicacy and mastery. Embroidery on display could easily be confused for paintings or even photographs. It was so awe-inspiring to view these works of art. Bryan and I met an artist and watched him create landscapes and panda portraits with ink and his bare hands... no brushes involved. We bought artwork for Bryan and Katie's rooms. Best of all, Katie seems to be adjusting well to being part of our family. It was a great day in Guangzhou. I still like the food better in Shaanxi than in Canton though.

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