Friday, April 22, 2011

Guangzhou Zoo


No paperwork today, so we went to the Guangzhou Zoo this morning. Bryan and I fed giraffes by hand. We had to hold the branches of leaves together because the giraffes would wrap their long purplish black tongues around them and try to yank them out of our hands. It was too cool. Of course we couldn't come to China and not see a giant panda! Very, very cool experience. Becky talked about the pressure she feels being single in this society. Her job doesn't allow much time for dating or personal time. Becky is only 26, but feels intense pressure to marry. Two generations ago an arranged marriage would have been the norm. Brenda and I don't have a lot in common with Becky, but Bryan seems to be drawn to her like a big sister or an aunt. Becky is a bit of a chatterbox, so they've been having a blast together. They have been growling at the lions together and exploring the zoo like they are both 9-years-old.

Today was kind of rough for me personally. I've explored the streets of Guangzhou several times now, but I'm missing the familiar. Every meal feels stressful as I try to find food for my family. I am frustrated by language issues and uncertainty of my surroundings. We're typically dropped off at noon and left to fend for ourselves. We feel like Brenda needs to stay in the room with Katie and Bryan wants to stay with her too, so I'm stumbling around the city alone looking for take-out food I think everyone will like without making my blood sugar spike too much. The guess-and-point method of ordering food is getting a little old, let alone trying to explain that I want the food to go. Apparently the proper terminology is "take-away." I'm writing this late at night, and I guess I'm just tired and whiny. I'm going to sleep and hope my attitude is WAY better tomorrow.

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