Sunday, April 10, 2011

Deatils of Gotcha Day

What an amazing couple of days. As I write this, Katie and I are the only ones awake. The past two days have been exhausting for all of us. When we received Katie, her condition was more severe than we were led to believe by her orphanage. She was not sitting nor standing. Solid food had not been introduced. She had severe congestion and did not want to be held. She had apparently been left on her back at all times. Her eyes could not focus, though her hearing seems fine. She has multiple sores on her very underweight body. My heart breaks thinking of the neglect she experienced. It was so bad that Mr. Yung, the adoption office director, recommended that we stop the adoption until Katie could be seen by a doctor. We could decide to walk away if her condition was too severe. If we went forward with the adoption, we were bound to Katie. Without hesitation Brenda and I said that Katie is our daughter. Her condition didn't change that fact. Our facilitator didn't understand at first, then broke into tears and hugged Brenda, then kissed Katie. The room stopped. The people there were stunned by our display of unconditional love. We were only displaying the love God first gave to us. After Katie officially became a Longley and we passed on the bulk of our Chinese money (Yuan), Brenda and Sharon took Katie to a hospital. The doctor gave Katie a breathing treatment, cleared her lungs with a tube and prescribed several very pungent medicines. She also said that Katie's condition was largely due to the care she received at the orphanage. With our patience and help, she can improve. Back at the hotel, Katie sat on my lap for the first time. She ate three Cheerios (sort of) and seemed to be a different little girl than the one who screamed when held only a day before. God is merciful and loving.

P.S. Brenda's basketball skills came in handy with the Cheerios!!

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