Friday, April 22, 2011

Leaving China


After a two hour van ride that included passing through customs, Katie throwing multiple tantrums, and Brenda's bladder nearly exploding, we are on a plane headed for San Francisco! I feel bad for our driver today. He earned his money. One crazy adventure is ending only to be replaced by the beginning of a new adventure for our family. I look forward to watching Bryan and Katie grow. Bryan received the Olympian Award at school, even though he wasn't there to accept it. God has truly blessed me with an incredible family. It still seems bizarre that we were allowed to travel around the world to impact the life of a beautiful little girl. Bryan is closer to me than ever. Brenda and I have been drawn together in a spiritual and relational way that I couldn't have anticipated. Now I look forward to building the Daddy/Daughter bond with Katie Joy. Our lives are changed, not by what we've done, but by God's action in and through our family. We are blessed to share life with our adopted brothers and sisters in Christ. As we prepare to leave Hong Kong, I pray for our new Chinese friends: Sharon, Sissia, Jack, and Becky. I pray for the Kennedy family as they head back to North Carolina, and I pray for the beautiful people of China. May God continue to draw the Chinese people to himself!

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