Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gotcha Day

3-21-11 (Morning)
Today is the day! Gotcha Day is finally here!! I can barely contain my excitement and anxiety. I forgot to mention that we met our Xi'an facilitator yesterday. Her name is Sharon. She took us to a restaurant themed on the Qing dynasty. Tables were made of thick wood and were higher than regular tables. The chairs were made of huge tree stumps. We could barely move them. We ate a variety of dumplings, some with chicken, others with pork and cabbage. They were fried or boiled. There was also a spicy dumpling soup. A sauce of vinegar, curry and ginger was used as a dipping sauce. So good! Breakfast at the Gate West restaurant was also very yummy. Glad we get to eat there again. The Sheraton Xi'an is a beautiful hotel, though the view out our window reminds us that living conditions are very different here. We leave to get Katie in ten minutes! Our lives are about to change forever!! I pray for God's blessing and peace on our daughter.

(Late Evening)
We received Katie at 10:00 am. Read tomorrow's post for details. I experienced the Bank of China, where our US dollars were examined VERY closely by three different bank employees. Guess I look like a counterfeiter. I also went to a Chinese grocery store where I bought Katie's stroller, diapers, and Sprite / Fanta Orange Soda for Brenda and Bryan. The store was next to a Home Depot. Free enterprise in action in the People's Republic!

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