Friday, April 22, 2011

Last Day in Guangzhou


We're on our own today. After breakfast, we took a taxi to Shamian Island for some souvenir shopping. Today was a great one. Not sure if it was the European influence, the English speaking shop owners, or just knowing we are heading home tomorrow, but it was a good day. We ate lunch at Lucy's, a restaurant in Shamian Park that caters to adoptive families staying at the White Swan Hotel just up the street. Bryan and Brenda raved about their burgers and fries. We had chops (signature stamps) carved, bought some t-shirts, and a few small gifts for our families. Bryan and I played Chinese hacky sack with a lady in the park until she tried to sell the hacky sack to us for four times the cost in stores. We found a silk blanket for Katie and bought a traditional Chinese outfit for each of us. When we got back to the Garden Hotel, I told Brenda that I never needed to ride in the front seat of a taxi in China again. For dinner we ate at the hotel's Japanese restaurant. It wasn't great, but Bryan managed to use his chopsticks pretty well until a waitress brought him a fork. After dinner I went out to get Katie another can of formula. I stopped at a tea shop to pick up some tea and was treated to a traditional tea tasting. The shop owner sat me down and brewed a variety of teas for me to try. I bought more than I probably should have, but it was a very cool way to wrap up my last night in Guangzhou. We have Katie's visa and are heading to Hong Kong, then to the US tomorrow!

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