Friday, April 22, 2011

U.S. Consulate


We finally went to the US Consulate today. Becky had to leave us alone when we got to the floor just below the consulate offices. I lost my wallet in line while trying to calm Katie down, only to have a man behind me find it immediatley and give it back to me. Katie was having tummy pain, so she was crying a lot. We couldn't take the strollwer into the consulate office, so we were tried and a little on edge. We had left a paper we needed back in the States, so I had to fill out an affidavit promising to get Katie her shots, take it to a different room and window to get a receipt (even though it was a free service), return the receipt to the original window, give all the papers to the clerk, then wait for a notary. The notary called my name when the adoption coordinator was giving instructions. Once I jumped through all the paperwork hoops, Brenda and I took the oath for Katie, then signed the final form to get her visa. We should have the passport and visa delivered by Becky tomorrow afternoon. We are getting down to our last day in Guangzhou. I won't really miss having to find food for my family, but I will miss being able to spend so much time together. It's been a long and emotional trip, but I'd go through it all again to hear Katie laugh and say "Ba-Ba." God has blessed me with a wonderful family!

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