Monday, April 11, 2011


Today we met Sissia. She is a believer! We spoke openly about her church. She became a believer after missionaries came to her university. Sissia told us that Sharon is her best friend, but not yet a believer. Sissia said that Sharon was "deeply impacted" by our time together. We had to promise the government we wouldn't participate in missionary activities during our visit. I prayed that we could show people Jesus even if we weren't allowed to use his name. God already answered that prayer!!! Now I pray that God will use Sissia and us to draw Sharon and her family into a relationship with Him!

Sissia took us to the Chinese History Museum in Xi'an. She gave us a crash course in Chinese history. The Chinese people have been amazingly creative and ingenious throughout their history. They gave the world gun powder, paper, moveable type, and the compass. We walked thorugh the relics of past dynasties and received interesting insights into the belief system of the ancient Chinese societies. We left the museum and went to the Large Wild Goose Pagoda, a still-active Buddhist Temple. We watched as people bowed down to statues and burned incense. It was a sobering experience.

On the Katie front, today was encouraging. She loved the ball we brought and even army-crawled to get it. She laughs and plays. She still struggles with eating food, but we got her to eat a little baby food between sips of her bottle tonight. When she opens her mouth to scream she gets a spoonful. Baby steps...

P.S. After seeing one of the relics, I'm not sure I ever want to eat pork again. Ancient Chinese outhouses were two stories high and emptied directly into the pig pen. Yuck-o!

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