Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thoughts from China

I wasn't able to access the blog while on our adoption trip, so I went old school and kept a handwritten journal. The following entries will take you through our experiences. God is good!

Woke up in Hong Kong. The fog makes it impossible to see the city. We're staying at the Marriott Hong Kong Skycity Hotel. Had our first oops moment of the trip. We had been told by our agency that breakfast would be provided by our hotels, so we went to the Sky City Bistro for breakfast. It was delicious, but definitely not included in the cost of our room. We paid HKD 542.70 (about $75 US) for breakfast. Yikes! Guess it was a birthday breakfast for Katie. We found out later that there was a less expensive option elsewhere in the hotel. We'll check that first tomorrow at the next hotel. We're hoping our flight to Xi'an won't be delayed by the fog. Come on sunshine! P.S. I'm a fan of dragonfruit!

3-20-22 Part B
The Hong Kong airport gave us our first real culture shock. Armed security personnel walked around with automatic weapons in hand. Eating at the food court was a challenge due to our uncertainty about the exchange rate and whether to take food descriptions literally or not. Brenda and I ate a noodle soup, Bryan ate McDonald's and we rushed to make our flight. Brenda seemed a little overwhelmed, but we made it to Xi'an and checked into the Sheraton Xi'an. The beds were small, but they already had Katie's crib in the room. That made us realize that we're going to have her living with us tomorrow! It's really going to happen!

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